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Contribute to salt-formulas/salt-formula-salt development by creating an account on GitHub. # Up to 1000 users can be imported at once. users = [ auth.ImportUserRecord( uid='uid1', email='', password_hash=b'password_hash_1', password_salt=b'salt1' ), auth.ImportUserRecord( uid='uid2', email='… When using "request_params" to submit multiple variables via a single parameter, each variable should be formatted as if it were being posted through a URL GET request (see RFC 1738).

Custom saltstack ext_pillar heavily based on jinja2 for maximum flexibility - bbinet/pillarstack

One workaround is recovering the original pool files if any mistakes were made. Here is an example, I'd suggest start using jinja if this state start  3 Dec 2015 One salt state can have multiple SLS files. Other files are included from init.sls, so you can just use folder name to run the whole multi file state. 26 Dec 2018 Thats the default place were the salt:// is pointing (unless you If you want to copy multiple file using the file.recurse it's also quite easy Project description; Project details; Release history; Download files Salt-lint. salt-lint checks Salt State files (SLS) for practices and behavior that could potentially be improved. You can skip multiple rules via a space-separated list. Example 

Highlights: - Azure: - Azure cloud integration test support to cloud_tests - new_instance_id will properly match incorrect byte-swapped Uuids - add support for multiple IP addresses on a single nic - FreeBSD: - support for ds-identify on…

Use Salt as a Vagrant provisioner. Contribute to saltstack/salty-vagrant development by creating an account on GitHub.